Roku Error Code 014

Resolving Roku Network Error Code 014

Sometimes the Roku streaming devices may face some issues and indicate withthe Roku error codes.  These issues might require some efficienttroubleshooting. And by procuring appropriate technical help, you can resolvethese issues by effortless means. You can acquire the best guidance by visitingour site at

The Roku code 014 is a very common error and usually the major reason forother error such as 011. The error code 014 signifies that the device isfinding tough to get connect to the Wi-Fi network. The Roku streaming device isdesigned in such a way it automatically downloads and installs the latestsoftware whenever connected to the network.  But at times, you mayvisualize the message warning that Roku unable to get connect with the localnetwork or ‘error code 011’. This indicates that the software update failure onyour Roku streaming device. The failure is due to the reason that the Rokudevice is unable to get its software update to connect with the Roku SoftwareUpdate Server.

Steps involved in resolving the Roku Network error code014 issues:

Disable Network Pings

You can use the Roku remote to disable the network pings.  Select oropen the Platform Secret Screen by sticking to these steps. Push the homebutton 5 times and then press the forward button then the Play button and onceagain press the Rewind button, Play button, and Forward button consequently.You can navigate through the platform secret screen menu and then can click on“Disable network Pings” and this disabling of the network settings can resolvethe Local Network Error Code issues

Software update

Try connecting to an additional Network If not linked or Try using anotherhooked device such as the particular Smartphone or any other android devices.You can verify the Wi-Fi hotspot and can link the Roku device of the user tothat network. Also, try connecting directly with the Ethernet cable whichprovides the best speed when compared to wireless connectivity and may resolvethe Roku can’t connect to local network error or 014 error code issues.

Use the Roku remote to open and unlock the “Secret Screen” for updating thesoftware. The series of buttons to be pressed for opening the “secret screen”by pressing the home key 5 times. And then press 3 times the Forward button and2 times the Rewind button. Now the user will be able to locate and select the“Update Software” option.  Before the update, the device gets thereboot by itself. Now you can also turn off the Network Pings setting evenafter software program update.  Find “Disable network pings” on the menuafter opening the secret screen using the same procedure. And then open thenetwork pings setting and then disable the network pings.