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How to access your Norton account?

  1. Open browser, and go to:
  2. Click Sign In.
  3. Type your Norton account email address & password.
  4. If you do not have a Norton account, click Create an Account to create your Norton account.
  5. If you need to Norton to remember your email address every time when you sign in, check Remember me on this device.
  6. Click Sign In.

The Norton Setup at

Norton setup is a process where do you enter the Norton Setup Key at to activate and install Norton product.

One can purchase Norton from retail store or on the web. Presently Symantec has started distributing product activation keys as retail card. One has to scratch the Norton retail card to see the product activation key and go to the website Than type the information to download, setup and install the Norton software on the computer. Here at amazing help we offer help to install and setup the software on the digital gadget in a difficult situation or issue to install the software.

How to Install Norton Antivirus on Windows?

Step 1: Uninstall pre-installed antivirus, if any.

Step 2: Download genuine & latest version of Norton Antivirus from official site CD/DVD for the Norton & insert into drive.

Step 3: Enter product key which is a 25 digit key that can be gotten via e-mail or in CD packets

Step 4: Continue with default setting by choosing NEXT option

Step 5: Accept license & agreement terms by choosing YES.

Step 6: Norton setup with product key can be activated by going to Norton settings

Step 7: Read instructions & continue with default settings. Then choose OK, then NEXT & click DONE

Step 8: Congratulations on installing & completing Norton setup.

Why should we install Norton antivirus?

Computers became precious to the lives of thousands around the world. Every facet of our everyday routine is reliant to pc procedures. Every sector of society is controlled by PC created framework. Regardless of the many great benefits that originate from computers, there are individuals who’re attempting to demolish these creation forms by creating PC programs geared toward pulverizing the PC framework. They create infections that damage computers when exploited people unintentionally open them. The advances in PC OS are proceeding.

Experts are attempting to improve more these personal computers for individual and industrial use. There are also attempts to counter the worst of aftereffects of framework infections. In our day to day life, we are getting more into the digital frameworks to do our almost all the employments including banking, shopping or in any event, talking to our family and companions. At the point when we get online there is a mechanism of “web” through which we do all these tasks, we utilize various tools to do all these things. We use programs or some web application or a software or any other digital tool. Be that as it may, we are more open to interruptions as web is only a medium which needs security.

It’s like that a third party gives a proof that the program or applications functions as per it is specifications. Norton 360 security is easy to install all through the site The client needs to sign in to Norton as referenced over yonder and follow some straightforward advances which is given above.