Install Norton 360 Deluxe

Norton Security Installation Procedure

Norton Security was the computer software security suite developed by Symantec. It works on MS Windows, Mac OS X, Android, and iOS platforms. It’s available in three releases, as Norton Security Standard, Norton Security Deluxe, and Norton Security Premium. Norton Security Standard ensures 1 (one) gadget in particular. Norton Security Deluxe is useful for up to 5 devices, while Norton Security Premium incorporates insurance for up to 10 devices. More about comparing the three security software packages can be found at our Norton Security Editions Compared page

How to Install Norton Antivirus with Product Key?

Norton Antivirus is a software that facilitates the users to prevent viruses and other malware from entering the computer or other devices. It also shields your computer from viruses, Trojan horses, and spyware. You can utilize the Norton Anti-infection software to scan the computer for threats. It can square phishing attempts from sites that attempt to access your confidential information and also experience how to Install Norton Antivirus with Product Key directions.

Steps to Download Norton

  1. First of all, you need to open any web browser which you mostly used on your device.
  2. Furthermore, type URL or in address bar.
  3. After this, press enter key using keyboard & then wait until you are redirected to new webpage.
  4. Now, click on sign in key & then enter login details to sign in.
  5. If account does not exist then you need to create new Norton account.
  6. Click on Create new account option & then follow process to create an account.
  7. After this, log in to your Norton account to download product of your choice.
  8. Go to the Norton Setup page at & then click I have product key to enter keycode.
  9. Now, in given field enter product key from mailbox of your registered email id.
  10. In case you have purchased product from an offline retail store then,
  11. The product key can be found on/inside the cover of product.
  12. Now, click Get Started, if you wish to enroll for Automatic Renewal services. Else you can skip this step & do this later.
  13. After this, click Agree & Download to accept terms & conditions.
  14. Enter your billing information or skip step by clicking on the Skip & do this later option.
  15. Click Agree & Download to start download process & then wait to complete process.

Steps to Install Norton Setup

  1. After successful download of your product’s file, open downloads file folder.
  2. Search for downloaded file & then double-click to run installation setup.
  3. Furthermore, you need to click yes or Run, to permits permission to program.
  4. Click Agree, after reading terms & conditions properly.
  5. After this, click Install & then enter “LogOn” credentials in given field.
  6. After entering credentials, click on Install Software button.
  7. Now, follow prompts which are displaying on screen to done installation.
  8. Click Close or done to exit out activation wizard after completing installation process.

You can now start using your version of Norton product to scan & secure your devices from viruses. In case your product is not activated already then follow the given process to activate your product.

Activate Norton Setup using Product Key

  1. First of all, you need to open Norton app by double-clicking on icon.
  2. Open Norton Setup & then go to main window or dashboard.
  3. Furthermore, you need to click on help key.
  4. Find Account Information option in Help Center window.
  5. In addition, click on Enter Product Key which is under Account information window.
  6. Now, enter product key from mailbox of your registered email id or from cover of the product.
  7. Make sure you type correct product key & then click on Next button.
  8. In addition, follow on-screen instructions to activate your version of product.
  9. Review all details of your subscription & then click done to complete process.